Difference between bone and cartilage

Difference between bone and cartilage


Point of Difference



1. Structure Tough, rigid and inelastic Soft, flexible and elastic
2. Each cell Osteocyte Chondrocyte
3.  Matrix protein Ossein Chondrin
4. Deposition of calcium phosphate in matrix  Present Absent
5. Arrangement of matrix In concentric lamellae Not arranged in lamellae
6. Number of cell in Each lacunae One bone cell/lacunae 2-3 cartilage cell/lacunae
7. Canaliculi Present (bone cells are interconnected) Absent
8. Haversian canal system Present Absent
9. Volkman canal Present Absent
10. Network of Blood vessel in  matrix Present Absent
11. Growth pattern Bidirectional Unidirectional
12. Types 2 types- spongy and compact bone 3 types- Hyaline, Elastic and White fibrous cartilage
13. Functions Support and protect tissues Resist strain and absorb mechanical shock

Difference between bone and cartilage

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